Railways and Tramways

South Gippsland Tourist Railway

Operates heritage trains along a section of the former Victorian Railways South Gippland line. Current workings running between Leongatha to Loch (Leongatha - Korumburra - Loch).

Pictures taken of Loch station on Sunday 4 February 2007.

Loch station which consists mainly of a small office/shelter.
Close up of the office/shelter
Looking along the line. Beyound the platform the line continues on to Melbourne. However, it is overgrown and not in use.
This review looks in the opposite direction to the photo above. The line beyound the bridge which remains in use leads on to Leongatha (the end of the line).
Another view looking towards Leongatha. The pedestrian crossing is where the photos above were taken from.
Side on view of the Station office/shelter.
Looking along the platform. You may notice that the new wooden platform edge finishes part way down the platform length roughly where the line starts to look overgrown.
Railmotor about to enter Lock station from Leongatha.
Railmotor entering the platform
Passengers wait to board railmotor on the return trip.
Railmotor about to depart.