Railways and Tramways

Bairnsdale to Melbourne


Bairnsdale Station

Pictures taken of Bairnsdale station on 1 May 2014.

Overview of the station including old goods building on the right.
Station under the canopy.
Bairnsdale station sign.
Looking towards the end of the line.
Reverse direction from the previous photograph looking down the platform towards Melbourne.
View of the front of the station.
Train enters Bairndale station yards
N class City of Ararat leads the early morning train from Melbourne into Bairnsdale.
Four car train arrived in Bairnsdale.
Early morning train ready to depart Bairnsdale .
Looking along the train from the end of the first class carriage, just in view on left.
1.20 pm train from Melbourne entering Bairnsdale at about 5.12 pm.
Above train entering the platform.